What is Numbo?

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Numbo Season One Close Up

Numbo is a card game for 6-12 year olds. Its purpose is to help improve times tables skills. 

The first deck of Numbo cards have been produced as a limited release - denoted simply as Numbo Season One. The deck consists of 48 character cards, each with a unique character name, illustration and set of statistics. There are 2 blank cards in each deck so that the creatives amongst the tribe of buyers can draw and colour their own. The reverse of the cards each have a number grid. The cards come supplied in a protective, gloss laminated tuck box. It looks cool. See more photos on the product page 


Numbo began as Cosmic Crowd back in 2007. I'll write more about the history in a blog post and link to it here. It went through a few names and styles before evolving into the game it is today. 


There are a number of decks planned for future release, all dependent on the success of the initial deck. At the moment the intent would be that new decks can be mixed with the existing deck to create a much bigger cast of characters all 'living' in the same universe. Although this might not be the case forever. 

Stewart Wiggins
Numbo Creator - October 2017

Numbo Season One Close Up


How much is Numbo?

$30NZD + shipping. We ship world-wide.

How do I buy a copy?

Head to the product page

Can I play it before I buy?

Sure - we have an 18 card print n play version

How do you play Numbo?

Check our 'how to play' page. 

Who is this Stewart Wiggins person? 

I'm an Englishman living in New Zealand - designer, illustrator and above all, dad. As with all of us trying to earn a living, I'd like to make some positive ripples and leave the world a tiny bit better than when I found it.