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The History 

A few years back a friend of mine had seen The Monster Engine by Dave Devries - he takes kids drawings and paints them into realistic pictures. His stuff is awesome.

Knowing that I’m into drawing and illustration my friend asked if I could do that to his kids' drawings. So I took a bunch and started to re-draw and colour them.

The first Monstew - Owen, Age 10

When my friend showed his kids they almost fell off their chairs they were so excited. It also gave me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that I’d been able to make some kids happy and that my hand in the work was appreciated.

My friend’s son - Owen - said they should be called "Monstews" - Monsters made by Stew (me). He even designed the logo for me. Thanks Owen! You rock.

Logo designed by Owen, Age 10

A few years on my daughter is now old enough to draw awesomely imaginative pictures. She creates without fear and is never short of billions of ideas when putting pen to paper. She had seen the pictures I’d created for my friend and asked me to Monstew some of her drawings. So I happily obliged.

Erin, Age 6

She was super duper pleased to see the results. A few of her friends also wanted me to have a look at their pictures and Monstew them up.

Miranda, Age 5

Ethan, Age 6

See More...

It seems kids love to see their drawings coloured in the lines by a grown up. Check the Monstews Gallery here on Pinterest for some more. 

I have Monstew Speed Draws on my Youtube Channel, I've posted one below.


Buy a Monstew of your kid's drawing

If you're interested in getting me to do a Monstew of a drawing by a kid in your life, view my Kickstart before December 7th 2017