Marlborough A&P Show Part 1

A friend of mine suggested getting a stall at the Marlborough A&P Show to sell my wares. I think this is a great idea. I only have a week to prepare, which means I'm going to be making do with what I can get a hold of rather than spending time working on graphics for printed marquees/banners and the like. 

I have booked my stall - a 4m x 4m with power. I think it's important to have my computer there linked up to my monitor displaying the Numbo video along with Monstews speed draws

What will I need?

It gets pretty hot out in the sun here in Marlborough and with that lack of ozone layer, sun burn is very harsh and to be avoided. So a gazebo is a must for shade. 

I'll need some walls to display the Monstews I've done over the years and perhaps be used to pin up any kid's drawings done at the show.

Some tables will be needed to place the laptop and monitor (showcasing how things are done) and also to layout my Numbo cards as I have some really good display boxes. I'd also like a table to allow kids to stop in and do some drawing. So that will have paper, pens and pencils. I think a colouring competition would be a good idea, so I need to decide how that will work. 

Borrowing stuff

I have been lent a gazebo from friends - a really great quality 3m x 3m - which is perfect. I've also borrowed some sturdy fold away tables and a chalk board from a local club I'm a part of. So that's great, we're under way. It is a bit tricky to get it all in my car - but I can so long as I have no passengers. 

Going Shopping

I've been shopping in town and managed to find some good stuff - 3 blue stand alone walls from a charity shop for $20 that will be ideal for sticking Monstews onto - so I bought some velcro sticky circles to place on the reverse of each picture to easily affix to the wall. A round table for $8 that will be great for kids to sit round and colour and a whole bunch of other small necessities such as blue tack, duct tape, masking tape, table cloths for the trestle tables a scalpel and an acetate sheet so that I can make a stencil for some quick face painting. 

The set up

I've been playing around in my back garden with the various elements to find the best set up. Knowing it gets windy I first tried placing the blue walls between the tables, but I think that loses both some of the wall space as well as usefulness of the table. 

Show set up version 1

I played with a few more options before settling on the below - using the wall as a zig zag - so it's self standing (but will need to be taped I think for safety) and maximising the table space. 

Show set up version 2

I'm pretty happy with this, so will start with this on Friday when getting it all in place. 

Other prep.

I will need my products on display, and have about 10 print outs of Monstews that will be perfect for the blue walls. I've re-worked the flyer I did for local child care centres and will have that available too since this explains how Monstews works. 

I've designed a small A6 Numbo flyer directing visitors to my website in case they don't feel ready to buy at the show. 

Numbo Flyer


I've also created the stencils ready to be used to brand anyone and everyone to help spread the word about the stall. I used a scalpel and cut these from the acetate sheet - which was a bit thicker than I had expected, so was a bit tricky to get smooth lines, but is seems to have worked ok. It's simply a case of holding the stencil to your skin, then using a face painting sponge and face paint to dab through the stencil. Once done, remove the acetate and voila. Branded. 

I also need some accounting type stuff - a book to record costs and sales, some receipts, cash float, a cash tin and the like. 

Full list of items for the show

  • Numbo cards
Monstew artworks for walls 
  • Gazebo
  • Tables
  • table cloths
  • Stool
  • Wall for Monstews gallery
  • containers and lids for packing
  • Mailing list sign up sheet
  • Monstews Flyers - remove ELC info and print - how many?
  • Numbo flyer/biz card
  • Monstews/Numbo Receipts - 8 up on a sheet
  • Mosaic collaborative - competition
  • stencils for face paints
  • dustpan + brush
  • paper towels
  • Signs: pricing
  • Stencil with face paints
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Paper bags
  • cash 
  • Tape - masking and duct
  • Push pins
  • Calculator
  • Note book to list sales
  • Clipboard 
  • scissors
  • A4 folder to carry A4 sheets of paper
  • toilet tissue
  • wet wipes
  • Snacks
  • mints
  • Water
  • float money
  • Stones to hold things in place
  • Bin bags for rubbish
  • extension cords
  • Sunblock

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