A&P Show Competition Winner

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the colouring competition is 8 year old Vaughn from Marlborough. His square had really great colour choices and was nicely done. Congratulations. He and his mum have collected the prize and I wish them all the best playing Numbo, enjoying the crazy characters and improving times tables skills.

For those who missed out on winning you can still pick up a deck of Numbo cards on this site or download the Free Print 'n' Play - where you can do some more colouring in. 

Numbo Winner

More info about the competition

The idea was simple - we had a print out of the Numbo character outlines on a poster and then another of the same that was cut into squares. Each competition entrant simply had to take a square, colour it and place it in its place on the poster. I’d hoped to fill the entire board. We didn’t quite fill the whole board, but it was almost half full.

There were some really creative entries, pushing the boundaries of my expectations. I’m always thrilled and amazed to see the creativity of kids.

My daughter and I judged the competition discussing the merits of each square and narrowed it down to the final few that we felt were above the rest. Vaughn’s entry just pipped the others to the post with it’s thoughtful colour scheme being the leading edge.

Hopefully we can run other competitions at future events. I’d like to find a way to ensure all the squares are filled as I think a complete mosaic would look fantastic.

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